Articles in 2020

Xin F, Zhou X, Dong D, Zhao Z, Yang X, Wang Q, Gu Y, Kendrick KM, Chen A CA, Becker B CA. (2020) Oxytocin differentially modulates amygdala responses during top-down and bottom-up aversive anticipation. Advanced Science, doi: 10.1002/advs.202001077. (IF = 15.84), pdf

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Zhou F CA, Li J, Zhao W, Xu L, Zheng X, Fu M, Yao S, Kendrick KM, Wager TD, Becker B CA. (2020) Empathic pain evoked by sensory an

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7.08), pdf

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Jiang X CA, Ma X, Geng Y, Zhao Z, Zhou F, Zhao W, Yao S, Yang S, Zhao Z, Becker B, Kendrick KM. Intrinsic, dynamic and effective

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approach. Psychological Medicine, 28:1-9. doi: 10.1017/S0033291720002809. (IF = 5.81), pdf

Kou J, Zhang Y, Zhou F, Sindermann C, Montag C, Becker B, Kendrick KM CA. (2020) Genotype and dose-frequency determine acute and

chronic effects of oxytocin on amygdala fear responses in humans: therapeutic implications. Psychological Medicine. In press. (IF = 5.81)

Le J, Kou J, Zhao W, Fu M, Zhang Y, Becker B, Kendrick KM CA. (2020) Oxytocin biases eye-gaze to dynamic and static social images and the eyes of fearful faces: associated with trait autism. Translational Psychiatry, 10(1), 1-12. (IF = 5.28), pdf

Zhou X, Wu R, Liu C, Kou J, Chen Y, Pontes HM, Yao D, Kendrick KM, Becker B CA, Montag, C CA. (2020) Higher levels of (Internet) gaming disorder symptoms according to the WHO and APA frameworks associate with lower striatal volume. Journal of Behavioral Addictions, 9(3):598-605. (IF = 5.14), pdf

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Psychoneuroendocrinology, 112:104483. (IF = 4.7), pdf

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Yu F, Sariyska R, Lachmann B, Wang Q, Reuter M, Weber B, Trautner P, Yao S, Montag C CA, Becker B  CA. (2020) Convergent cross

‐sectional an longitudinal evidence for gaming‐cue specific posterior parietal dysregulations in early stages of internet gaming disorder. Addiction Biology.

doi:10.1111/adb.12933. (IF = 4.12), pdf

Chen Y, Becker B, Zhang Y, Cui H, Du J, Wernicke J, Montag C, Kendrick KM CA, Yao S CA. (2020) Oxytocin increases the pleasantness of

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learning in a probabilistic task is associated with reduced feedback- and error-related negativity potentials. Journal of Psychopharmacology, in press. (IF =


Zhou X, Meng Y, Schmitt H, Montag C, Kendrick K, Becker B CA. (2020) Cognitive flexibility mediates the association between early life stress

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