Introduction to neuSCAN Lab


The UESTC "Neurotherapy · Social Cognition and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory" (neuSCAN) is jointly led by the foreign experts Keith Kendrick (English) and Benjamin Becker (German), and Professor Zhang Qiong. Our lab currently has two agreement professors: Christian Montag (German) and Adam Guastella (Australia), 2 associate research fellows, 4 post-doctors, 15 doctoral students, 16 master students, and 3 international students. Our research mainly focus on: (1) studying how the brain controls social, cognitive and affective behaviors; (2) exploring the neurological and genetic factors of cognitive and affective disorders in mental illness; (3) finding new and effective treatments for mental disorders.

In the past five years, the neuSCAN team has published more than 100 papers  in leading international journals, including PNAS (IF=9.50), American Journal of Psychiatry (IF=13.39), Current Biology (IF=9.25), Biological Psychiatry (IF=11.98), Brain (IF=10.84), NeuroImage (IF= 5.43), etc. Besides, we have obtained one key project, two general projects, and three youth funds of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), two high-end foreign expert projects, one key project of central college operating expenses, two high-end talent supporting projects of UESTC, and one top academic achievements breeding project, with a total research funding over 10 million yuan.



电子科技大学神经疗法·社会认知与情感神经科学实验室由外国专家Keith Kendrick(英)教授和Benjamin Becker(德)教授、张琼教授共同指导,协议教授Christian Montag(德)、Adam Guastella(澳)积极参与,以及副研究员2名,博士后4名,博士生15人,硕士生16人,留学生3人共同组成。团队旨在研究:(1)大脑如何控制社会、认知和情感行为;(2)精神疾病中认知和情感等行为发生紊乱的神经机制和遗传因素;(3)探索新型有效的精神疾病治疗方法。

过去五年间,团队在PNASIF=9.50),American Journal of PsychiatryIF=13.39, Current BiologyIF=9.25, Biological PsychiatryIF=11.98, BrainIF=10.84, NeuroImageIF=5.43)等国际一流期刊上发表论文100余篇。获国家自然科学基金重点项目一项、面上项目两项、青年基金三项、高端外国专家项目两项、中央高校业务费重点项目一项、学校高端人才配套项目两项、顶尖学术成果培育项目一项,科研经费上千万元。