Lizhu Luo, PhD



Research Interests: face emotion processing and psychiatric disorders – task and resting state fMRI and oxytocin





Ph.D., Majored in Biomedical Engineering, School of Life Science and Technology, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). Supervisor: Keith Kendrick



M.Sc., Majored in Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, Southwest University (SWU). Supervisors: Hong Li & Kang Lee.


B.A., Majored in English, Department of Foreign Language, Southwest University (SWU). Test for English Majors Grade 8.


B.Sc., Majored in Psychology, Department of Psychology, Southwest University (SWU).




Department of Psychiatry, University of Bonn, Germany.


Department of Psychiatry, University of Bonn, Germany.


Department of Psychology, St. John's University, USA.




Research fellow, Center for Psychiatric Research, The Fourth People’s Hospital of Chengdu (The Clinical Hospital of Chengdu Brain Science Institute, UESTC).


Postdoc, Neurotherapy & Social Cognition and Affective Neuroscience Lab (NeuSCAN, Head: Keith Kendrick), School of Life Science and Technology, UESTC.


Working staff, Human Resources and International Exchange Office, School of Life Science and Technology, UESTC.


Research assistant, NeuSCAN Lab (Head: Keith Kendrick), School of Life Science and Technology, UESTC.



Ø  AWARDS -Since undergraduate study

2018 April

Best Paper Award for Young Researchers - Second Prize, from the Fifth Symposium on Brain Imaging and EEG in China


Minor Award of UESTC


Major Award of SWU


Major Award and Merit Student of SWU


Outstanding Graduate of Chongqing Municipality


Merit Student of Chongqing Municipality, Minor Award of SWU


National Scholarship


Major Award and Excellent Student Leader of SWU




*  Psychological experiment design and E-Prime programing

*  Statistical analysis based on SPSS

*  Basic operation on 3T Siemens & GE 750 MRI Scanner

*  Task-related and Resting-state fMRI studies: design and analysis

*  Data collection and analysis based on BIOPAC-MP150



Scientific Reports; Journal of Experimental Child Psychology; Developmental Science; i-Perception; 心理学报(Acta Psychologica Sinica)



(1)    Principal Investigator: A youth research project grant from National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 31800961, “Neural markers of early treatment response in depression and gender effects”, 2019/01-2021/12, 270,000 RMB (in progress).

(2)    Principal Investigator: A general research project grant from Sichuan Science and Technology Program, 2018JY0361, “Exploration of neural and phonetic markers for depression identification based on autobiographical memory task”, 2018/07-2021/06, 100,000 RMB (in progress).

(3)    Principal Investigator: A general research project grant from China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, 2018M633336, “Neural and behavioral predictors of early treatment response in female depression”, 2018/01-2020/01, 50,000 RMB (in progress).

(4)    Participant in a key research project grant from National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 31530032, “Compensatory brain mechanisms of social cognitive dysfunction in the amygdala: a study based on the potential role of the cortical mirror neuron system”, 2016/01-2020/12, 3.184 million RMB. Director: Keith Kendrick (in progress).

(5)    Participant in a key cultivation project grant from the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, ZYGX2015Z002, “Real-time fMRI study on concurrent depression and anxiety disorders”, 2016/01-2018/12, 1 million RMB. Director: Benjamin Becker (in progress).

(6)    Principal Investigator: A special youth grant award from the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, SWU1109087, “Development of baby face preference, 2011/06-2014/06, 5000 RMB, Completed (SWU14216).


Ø  PUBLICATIONS (arranged in reverse chronological order)

1. Representative publications

(1)   Lizhu Luo(#);Kunhua Wu(#); Yi Lu(#); Shan Gao; Xiangchao Kong; Fengmei Lu; Fengchun Wu; Huawang Wu(*); Jiaojian Wang(*); Increased functional connectivity between medulla and inferior parietal cortex in medication-free major depressive disorder, Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2018, 12: 926.

(2)   Lizhu Luo(#); Benjamin Becker(#); Xiaoxiao Zheng; Zhiying Zhao; Xiaolei Xu; Feng Zhou; Jiaojian Wang; Juan Kou; Jing Dai; Keith M. Kendrick(*), A dimensional approach to determine common and specific neurofunctional markers for depression and social anxiety during emotional face processing, Human Brain Mapping, 2018, 39: 758~771

(3)   Hui Sun(#); Lizhu Luo(#); Xinru Yuan; Lu Zhang; Yini He; Shuqiao Yao; Jiaojian Wang(*); Jing Xiao(*); Regional homogeneity and functional connectivity patterns in major depressive disorder, cognitive vulnerability to depression and healthy subjects, Journal of Affective Disorders, 2018, 235: 229~235

(4)   Lizhu Luo(#); Benjamin Becker(#); Yayuan Geng; Zhiying Zhao; Shan Gao; Weihua Zhao; Shuxia Yao; Xiaoxiao Zheng; Xiaole Ma; Zhao Gao; Jiehui Hu; Keith M.Kendrick(*), Sex-dependent neural effect of oxytocin during subliminal processing of negative emotion faces, NeuroImage, 2017, 162: 127~137

(5)   Shan Gao (#); Benjamin Becker (#); Lizhu Luo; Yayuan Geng; Weihua Zhao; Yu Yin; Jiehui Hu; Zhao Gao; Qiyong Gong; Rene Hurlemann; Dezhong Yao; Keith M. Kendrick (*), Oxytocin, the peptide that bonds the sexes also divides them, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2016, 113(27): 7650~7654

(6)   Lizhu Luo(#); Keith M. Kendrick(#); Hong Li(*); Kang Lee(*), Adults with siblings like children's faces more than those without, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 2015, 129: 148~156

(7)   Lizhu Luo; Xiaole Ma; Xiaoxiao Zheng; Weihua Zhao; Lei Xu; Benjamin Becker; Keith M. Kendrick(*), Neural systems and hormones mediating attraction to infant and child faces, Frontiers in Psychology, 2015, 6: 970

(8)   Jiehui Hu(#); Song Qi(#); Benjamin Becker(#)Lizhu Luo; Shan Gao; Qiyong Gong; Rene Hurlemann; Keith M. Kendrick(*),Oxytocin selectively facilitates learning with social feedback and increases activity and functional connectivity in emotional memory and reward processing regions, Human Brain Mapping, 2015, 36(6): 2132~2146

(9)   Xiaole Ma(#)Lizhu Luo(#); Yayuan Geng; Weihua Zhao; Qiong Zhang; Keith M. Kendrick(*), Oxytocin increases liking for a country's people and national flag but not for other cultural symbols or consumer products, Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 2014, 8: 266

(10)             Lizhu Luo; Hong Li(*); Kang Lee(*); Are children's faces really more appealing than those of adults? Testing the baby schema hypothesis beyond infancy, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 2011, 110(1): 115~124

(11)             罗笠铢 (Lizhu Luo); 罗禹; 鞠恩霞; 马文娟; 李红(*), 婴儿图式及其加工的性别差异(Baby schema and sex differences in its process), 心理科学进展(Advances in Psychological Science), 2011, 19(10): 1471~1479


2. Other publications

(12)             Weihua Zhao; Yayuan Geng; Lizhu Luo; Zhiying Zhao; Xiaole Ma; Lei Xu; Shuxia Yao; Keith M. Kendrick(*), Oxytocin increases the perceived value of both self-and other-owned items and alters medial prefrontal cortex activity in an endowment task, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2017, 11

(13)             Zhao Gao; Shan Gao; Lei Xu; Xiaoxiao Zheng; Xiaole Ma; Lizhu Luo; Keith M. Kendrick(*), Women prefer men who use metaphorical language when paying compliments in a romantic context, Scientific Reports, 2017, 7

(14)             Peng Ren; Shanjiang Tang; Fang Fang; Lizhu Luo; Lei Xu; Maria L. Bringas-Vega; Dezhong Yao; Keith M. Kendrick; Pedro A. Valdes-Sosa(*), Gait rhythm fluctuation analysis for neurodegenerative diseases by empirical mode decomposition, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 2016, 64(1): 52~60

(15)             Weihua Zhao; Shuxia Yao; Qin Li; Yayuan Geng; Xiaole Ma; Lizhu Luo; Lei Xu; Keith M. Kendrick(*), Oxytocin blurs the self-other distinction during trait judgments and reduces medial prefrontal cortex responses, Human Brain Mapping, 2016, 37(7): 2512~2527

(16)             Bronwen M. James; Qin Li; Lizhu Luo; Keith M. Kendrick(*), Aged neuronal nitric oxide knockout mice show preserved olfactory learning in both social recognition and odor-conditioning tasks, Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 2015, 9

(17)             Lei Xu; Xiaole Ma; Weihua Zhao; Lizhu Luo; Shuxia Yao; Keith M. Kendrick(*), Oxytocin enhances attentional bias for neutral and positive expression faces in individuals with higher autistic traits, Psychoneuroendocrinology, 2015, 62: 352~358

(18)             Viola Macchi Cassia; Lizhu Luo; Antonella Pisacane; Hong Li; Kang Lee(*), How race and age experiences shape young children's face processing abilities, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 2014, 120: 87~101

(19)             Shuxia Yao; Weihua Zhao; Rui Cheng; Yayuan Geng; Lizhu Luo; Keith M. Kendrick(*), Oxytocin makes females, but not males, less forgiving following betrayal of trust, International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 2014, 17(11): 1785~1792

(20)             Weihua Zhao; Lizhu Luo; Qin Li; Keith M. Kendrick (*), What can psychiatric disorders tell us about neural processing of the self, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2013, 7: 485

(21)             马文娟; 索涛; 李亚丹; 罗笠铢 (Lizhu Luo); 冯廷勇; 李红(*), 得失框架效应的分离——来自收益与损失型跨期选择的研究(Dissecting the Win-Loss Framing Effect of Intertemporal Choice: Researches from Intertemporal Choice of Money-Gain & Loss). 心理学报(Acta Psychologica Sinica), 2012, 44(8): 1038-1046



Luo, L. Z., Becker, B., & Kendrick, K. M. (2018). Common and specific neural responses to emotional faces in depression and social anxiety. Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Singapore. (Submission & Poster number: 1516)

Luo, L. Z., Becker, B., Lee, K., Li, H., & Kendrick, K. M. (2015). The neural signature for “baby schema” and its change with face age. Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Honolulu, Hawaii. (Submission number: 5759, Poster number: 4327)

Luo, L. Z., Kendrick, K. M., Li, H., & Lee, K. (2014). Having a sibling makes young children’s faces more likeable for adults. The 23rd Biennial Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development (ISSBD), East China Normal University, Shanghai, China.

Luo, L. Z., Becker, B., Geng, Y. Y., Hurlemann, R., Kendrick, K. M. (2014). Effects of oxytocin on the processing of sub-liminally presented social-emotional cues. Organization for Human Brain Mapping, the CCH-Congress Center, Hamburg, Germany. (Submission number: 2319, Poster number: 4282, Catogory: Social Neuroscience)

Luo, L. Z., Becker, B., Geng, Y. Y., Kendrick, K. M. (2013). Effects of oxytocin on the processing of sub-liminally presented social-emotional cues – a backward masking fMRI study. The 4th Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Neuroscience (S4SN), Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China.